Stay Afloat With SUNNY UAE’s Dry-Dock Solutions

As the saying goes, “The two happiest days in a boat owner’s life: the day you buy the boat, and the day you sell the boat.” This saying resonates with most (if not all) boat and PWC owners, as owning a boat is both a blessing and a lesson. It is the realisation of a dream and an aspirational, fun-filled lifestyle, but it is also a significant expense due to unending maintenance.

Nevertheless, SUNNYUAE is here to lighten the load! We can put your mind at ease with our hassle-free, dry-dock soluCons, meaning you can enjoy your boat to the full and focus on having fun rather than being consumed by boat maintenance.

Reduce Risk, Enjoy Hassle-Free Boating

Our floating docks enable boat and jet ski owners to berth their watercraft above the water, which is beneficial for many reasons: firstly, you will not have the hassle and inconvenience of trailering and craning your watercraft in and out of the water. Secondly, maintenance and repair costs will be reduced, as you will be able to flush your engine after every use and prevent saltwater damage. Thirdly, there will be no need for anntfouling, which can decrease the speed and performance of your watercraft. Finally, you will have access to the hull to carry out any required maintenance with ease.

A concern that plagues most boat owners is the risk of leakage and turning up to the marina to a sunken boat, however, with our floating docks, you can rest easy, secure in the knowledge your boat is safe and sound above the water.

Should you wish to sell your boat in the future, it is a well-known fact that dry-docked boats retain their value more so than water-docked boats. As a result, you will not only recover the money you spent on your floating dock when selling your boat but also save money on lower
maintenance and repair costs!

How do the floating docks work?

Our floating docks are easy to use; simply drive the boat onto the platform when returning
from the sea! Whilst jet skis are slid back into the water by hand; we have a customdesigned
system to launch bigger boats into the water with ease.

Are the floating docks durable?

Our floating docks are made utilising UV resistant, high-density polyethene (HDPE), which will withstand the heat, sun and saltwater for a lifetime! Additionally, our dry-dock systems are specifically designed to ensure the even distribution of weight, preventing any
disproportionate strain on the hull.

As our floating docks feature a fully modular design with no additional moving parts, they
are maintenance-free (music to a boat owners ears) and completely adjustable. As a result,
we can adjust the size of your dock to match your boat’s specifications and should you
change your boat, we can alter your existing dock to match it.

Our floating docks are not only durable and adjustable but also versatile! Whether you are a boat owner looking for a docking solution or a hotel, beach club or marina looking for swimming platforms and piers, we have got you covered! We have all the required materials in stock and qualified staff ready and waiting to install. The best bit: we aim to install our floating docks within 48 hours of the order!

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