A garden can transform your life, so let us landscape your life for the better.

Whether you are looking to retreat to a calming sanctuary, a luxurious Eden or a lively entertainment area for family fun,we can transform your outdoor space into a personal paradise, with attractive landscaping solutions.

What are the benefits
of landscaping your garden ?

What are the benefits of landscaping your garden ?

At some point, we have all had non-landscaped gardens, and what do we do?

We tend to neglect them and stay indoors. As we live in the UAE, the land of eternal summer, we should embrace the sunny weather, and make the most of our outdoor space. When you are proud of your garden, you spend more time outside, enjoying BBQs and garden parties with family and friends, playtime with the kids and getting lost in a good book.

Spending time outside is beneficial for both physical and mental health. It increases vitamins D levels, which not only elevates mood but also prevents disease. It encourages a more active lifestyle, which is especially important in the digital age, wherein many of us spend over eight hours a day sitting in front of a screen. Finally, increased natural light elevates mood, encouraging happiness and relaxation.

SUNNYUAE: Creating the garden of your dreams

Many landscaping companies have a one-size-fits-all approach to gardens, which usually consists of installing artificial turf and a few plants, without
proper consideration of the environment and client requirements. SUNNYUAE custom designs and installs each garden according to the client’s specifications, whilst considering environmental and spatial factors.

We create a range of customized gardens: family-friendly gardens with play areas, pet zones, pools and whirlpools; herb gardens with hydroponics and vegetable beds; luxury gardens with bars, fire pits, water features and lounging areas; and tech gardens, with automated LED lights, speakers, pergola fans, irrigation systems – all of which you control from your mobile phone.

If you are looking for a combination of the above, we specialize in designing zoned gardens to allow each family member to have their personal paradise. The best bit? We offer hot weather solutions, such as pergolas, fans, pools and whirlpools so you can enjoy your garden all year round!

We understand that many people rent in Abu Dhabi and therefore don’t want to spend on outdoor spaces. However, SUNNYUAE has the perfect solution, so you can still create your outdoor oasis, no matter your circumstances. We offer excavation-free pool solutions, as well as special tenant packages, which include the removal, storage and reinstallation of your entire garden. This means you can take your garden and pool with you when you move house!

Creating the garden of your dreams doesn't
have to be expensive or stressful

SUNNYUAE is a full-service provider – our process is simple: first, we meet with the client to understand their preferences, budget and specific garden requirements. We hand-sketch initial designs and discuss various concepts with the client. Next, we measure the existing garden with our 3D-scanner. Finally, we convert the scan data into a detailed 3D render, and if the client is happy, we start the build!

We aim to provide exceptional service from conception to completion. Our qualified team complete every project in a reliable, efficient and professional manner, meaning most installations take three days to complete! Additionally, we take every COVID-19 precaution to ensure the health and safety of our team and clients.

SUNNYUAE transforms outdoor spaces to create your personal paradise, with attractive landscaping, pool and outdoor solutions in Abu Dhabi.
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